Senior Cricket: Overview

Oakleigh Cricket Club was established in 1879, and has played cricket at D.W. Nicholl Oval, Warrawee Park since its inception.

The club is currently compete in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association (VSDCA), the second-tier turf competition in Victoria behind Premier Cricket, & Cricket Southern Bayside (CSB) competition.

We also compete in the Mid-Year Cricket Association (MYCA) during winter, providing OCC members with competitive cricket all year round.


Oakleigh Cricket Club is widely regarded the benchmark of the competition by its peers.

In 2020/21, our T20 XI, 2nd XI and 5th XI were crowned Premiers and all XIs competed in Finals. In 2019/20, our 1st XI & 3rd XI won the premiership – with both teams going ‘back-to-back’ following their success in 2018/19. 

The First XI also maintains a strong record – contesting finals for the past 19 consecutive seasons.

All 28 VSDCA clubs compete for the Kew Fewster Club Championship award. The VSDCA award the Ken Fewster Club Championship at the conclusion of the season to the best performed club across all 4 XIs. 

As a club, Oakleigh has finished in the top 3 of the Ken Fewster Club Championship award 16 times since its inception 17 years ago, and has won the award an unprecedented 7 times – most recently in 2018/19  and second 8 times. A significant achievement for the club considering there are 27 other participating clubs.

Our lower grades have also experienced a great amount of success in recent times, with 18 premierships across the grades in the last 19 years.

The clubs recent form in the shortest format has been incredibly successful, netting a fifth T20 Championship in 2020/21 - a remarkable record considering the competition has only run for 12 years.

The Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association (VSDCA) was founded in 1908, and in 2021/22 will expand to 32 member clubs. The association is divided in to four regions based on geographical location (North, East, South, & West). Oakleigh compete in the South Group, along with Brighton, Caulfield, Elsternwick, Ormond, Moorabbin & Malvern.

The four regions are split in to two divisions of 16 clubs each season – i.e. North/South & East/West. These groups rotate each year to ensure clubs have the chance to compete against all VSDCA clubs. 

Using the above example, this season might be North/South & East/West. Next season will be South/East & North/West, then the following season it would be South/West & North/East. Note: the lower grades (3rd & 4th XI) do not rotate, and are always South/East & North/West.

The season commences in October and comprises of 15 ‘home & away’ fixtures – generally comprising a mixture of one-day and two-day (Saturday/Saturday) matches – followed by finals, which are two-day, Saturday/Sunday matches played in March.

The only ‘tournament’ that is played is the T20 Twilight Competition, which is a knockout competition played only by the 1st XI on a Tuesday night. The tournament starts in November with the finals played in February.


All clubs competing in the VSDCA must field 4 teams in each scheduled fixture. The 1st XI can select eleven players, while the 2nd, 3rd & 4th XI can select twelve.

Selection takes into account a number of factors, however generally speaking, players are selected in the XI that best represents their ability. For example, you may start in the 3rd XI, but some positive performances with bat or ball may see you promoted to the 2nd XI. Selection is fluid, and you are not selected in a particular team for the duration of the season.


Every season starts with a ‘Players Meeting’ in July. Details are usually communicated via our social media channels or by email. The coach uses these sessions to outline preseason training plans, base fitness expectations and welcome new players to the club.


Once the season has commenced, training reverts to Tuesday & Thursday nights at Warrawee Park, with warm-up starting at 5:45pm. Sessions normally conclude around 7:45pm.

The best part of cricket season is undoubtedly our Thursday night dinners that follow training. Amazing fare, great company, and something that the playing group support 100%.
There are no ‘trials’ per se. If you are interested in playing cricket at Oakleigh and want to come down, you’re welcome to come and join us. 


Oakleigh Cricket Club is one of the very few clubs with both turf (3 nets) & synthetic (4 nets) training facilities for use throughout the season.

We are currently working with Monash Council & State Government to upgrade our facilities in the near future.


There are various costs involved with playing cricket at Oakleigh Cricket Club. 

The three major costs are:

  • Indoor Nets – due to the weather, preseason training is indoors. These sessions are $10 per session.
  • Clothing - all players are expected to train & play in OCC apparel. Costs vary depending on what items you require.
  • Subs – these vary depending on your status;
    • Student/Junior/Unemployed - $520
    • Full-Time Employed/Adult - $650


Note: our subs are all-inclusive & charged in full at the start of the season. This differs from other clubs, where they charge a lower up-front fee then charge a weekly cost throughout the duration of the season to cover afternoon tea & umpire fees (usually $10-$20 a week).



If you need to reach the club at any stage, it’s best to contact us via email or our social media channels. We encourage you to 'Like', 'Subscribe' and 'Follow' the Oaks across all our platforms to keep up with all the latest news & performances.





Join a successful, driven club in a strong, turf competition with a recent history of stability & strength both on & off field.


We have a committed playing list hungry for ultimate success, and can provide a fun & inclusive environment to players who are looking to challenge themselves to be the best cricketer and person they can be.