Policy For Safeguarding Children & Young People

Oakleigh Cricket Club unreservedly endorses and complies with Cricket Australia's Looking After Our Kids Code(s) of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs and Australian Cricket Personnel.


I, Peter Webb, as President of the Oakleigh Cricket Club, confirm that Oakleigh Cricket Club has fully adopted the Child Safety Framework (CSF) and will follow all aspects of the CSF in all future club activities.

Links to relevant documents:


Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People 
OCC's Endorsed Australian Cricket’s ‘Looking After Our Kids’ Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs
OCC's Endorsed Australian Cricket’s Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People


The following documents are to be completed and returned to oakleighccjuniors@gmail.com upon the appointment of all new Board members, Team Managers, Coaches and other individuals who may have interaction with young people or children:


Looking After Our Kids for Australian Cricket Personnel

Individual members may require to complete these forms for compliance with the Looking After Our Kids policy & Code of Behaviour.


Parent Guardian Transport Approval Form (when a person other than a Parent/Guardian will be transporting a child or young person)
Member Protection Declaration
Child Safety Acknowledgement Form
Image Consent and Release Form


Other Resources & Information:

See Something? Say Something.


In the event of an incident, disclosure, complaint, allegation or suspicion of child abuse, follow the important steps outlined in the flowchart below.